The Basics of Building Lean Muscle

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muscle mass is important when it comes to getting healthy, fit body. It makes you look back, stronger, and, to a point, even more attractive. It can even help you burn fat and lose weight!

But how to build this lean muscle tissue every one is looking for? Simple: Building muscle is the act of using resistance training to stimulate muscle growth


But, is it really that easy? If you exercise, you will start packing on muscle? I hate being the Barer of bad news, but no, it's not so easy. There are three things that come into play when it comes to building muscle: exercise, diet and rest. Each of these three are equally important, and if you slack on any of them, your results will be drastically reduced.


Resistance training or anaerobic exercise, involves using some form of resistance. The most common form of weight, but you can also use your own body weight for resistance training elastics. Resistance training is important for you to gain muscle.

The average weight-trainer, you just need to work each muscle group once a week, otherwise you too much to train your body to completely stop your progress.

the most effective way to break up your workout is to break it down in 3 to 5 different sessions. where you work 2-3 muscle groups session. You can benefit from this for two reasons: It cuts down your exercise time, and allows you to focus on each individual muscle groups, to enable greater muscle gain


Here is an example of an exercise for one week:

1 day: biceps, triceps

2 day: chest, back

3 Day: Holiday

4 Day: shoulders, abs

5 day: legs, buttocks

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest


There is one essential nutrient your body needs to gain muscle: Protein. Protein is used for construction and repair of damaged muscle, and that is exactly what you do when you train with weights. Without enough protein, your body is not able to completely rebuild muscle - your body will stop gaining muscle (and start losing it ).


Although most people over look these facts, the rest is just as important as exercise and diet, and if you want proof just head down to your local gym. You'll see a lot of people with very little muscle mass - These are people who go to the gym every day and worry about your muscles


without a break in his routine, which will lead straight to the over-training and will never see the muscle gain. Your muscles need rest! Each muscle group you need to do 5-7 days of rest to repair and build itself before it will be ready for you to do it again.

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