How to Get Washboard Abs - Sculpt Your Abs, Get Leaner Legs and Firm Your Butt!

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Today I'll share with you a closely guarded secret plus my all time favorite exercises to get abs washboard ... At the same time to shape your abs, get slim legs and tight ass!

Sounds good so far? But wait there's more! (OK, I've been listening to Ron Popeil on late night TV commercials ... so sue me ).

Seriously, there's more ... You get all the benefits of getting stronger and stronger body ... less pain ... feeling sexy ... be healthier ...

All good things, and here's how to do it.

First of all, if you want to get great abs ... You must understand this ... There are no "magic exercises" that you can do to lose a few pounds of flab past and present flat, toned abs. You have to do exercises for your entire body to speed up your metabolism and boost your fat burning hormones.

This is really it! Secret of natural bodybuilders and fitness models ... If you do these three things ... you will burn fat like nobody's business. Strength training, interval training and proper nutrition.

However, today we will focus on strength training workout that you can do in the privacy of your own home, that will give your feet good and perhaps even painful cramp and ass for the first few times ... but hey, nothing good is ever gained by doing nothing ... is not it?

So here goes:

I call this walking lunges. Find a room in your house that you can comfortably do 5-10 large steps without tripping over furniture ...

Now you know what a step forward? You just take a big step forward. So step forward when walking, and continued to the next leg moves forward.

Now as a big step forward, pause, bend back and go down until the lower leg is parallel to the floor.

So step forward, bend the back leg and bring it down and up. And then the next step forward. And yes, I do not want to turn your back knee touch the ground ... that is too far down.

Continue this process until you have done at least 10 walking lunges.

for now two versions! This time ... instead of your toes pointing straight ahead ... toe angle inward for a further 10 walking lunges. And You May have some problems in figuring out at first, but after a few times ... It will be easy as riding a bike ...

and the next variation you should try is to point your toe out and repeat the walking lunges.

Doing these two variations will work your inner thighs and outer thighs.

to get washboard abs ... you have to do much exercise your body. And a great lower body exercise is walking lunge plus variations. You will notice the difference ... This will help us shape the thighs, legs and back are tight ass.

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