3 Static Belly Exercises to Tone Your Abs Without Moving a Muscle

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When most people think of ab exercises they immediately think of crunches, sit ups, or leg lifts. These are all valuable exercise that can help strengthen and tone your abs. However, there are other types of training that can help you get a flatter stomach: static exercise


Static exercises are done by holding your muscles in a contracted way, without them moving. This is a different effect than regular workouts and can help you achieve better and faster results. Virtually every regular exercise can be combined with the static element. You just keep your body in a position where you have the most muscle strains.

For example, if you do a crunch, you can keep for only a second before you lower your body back to its original position. This is a static muscular stimulation.

However, there are a number of strictly static stomach exercises that you should include in your regular workout routine. Here are three of them:

Stomach Vacuums - You can stand or sit with your back straight. Take a deep breath and then exhale all the air from the lungs. Suck your stomach and hold it for 20 seconds or more. Make sure not to bend it back and keep your stomach muscles tight.

board - This is a classic and well loved by exercise is usually performed at the end of your workout session. You can position a similar way as you would for a push-up, but rest on your forearms instead of hands. By holding this position, with straight back and neck, you'll get a great workout that works both internal and external pilot.

a variation of this side of the board who is also a static exercise. You can rest on a forearm and position your body sideways. It is waist and obliques.

third static exercise can be done lying on the floor with your legs straight, then lift off the ground at a height of about 5 cm. By holding this position for 30 seconds or more of the lower abs. Make sure to keep the lower back is closely connected to the floor. This exercise can make your back arch that can be risky, so be sure to take care.

best ab workout includes both static exercises and variations, as well as a range of regular exercise. This will help you get a fuller and better workouts.

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