No More Back Pain and Beer Bellies

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I was not sure exactly what should be used as a title for this. I could have just called him 'lose pounds and back pain while doing shopping'ili get a free workout and be pain free, while waiting in line at banci'ili even' no more lower back pain, six pack stomach and bulging biceps while carrying their box of beer! 'but I think it is May the touch of exaggeration.

I was carrying my child around a lot these days, he did not walk quite properly and quite frankly, when you're in the supermarket is busy with a lot of people around them and want to get in and out, as soon as it is possible its a lot easier to carry him. However, if not done properly it will very quickly lead to back pain and pregnant women can suffer from the same reasons and it is completely avoided!

Many women suffer from back pain when pregnant, so that people with a big beer gut and so I when I wear my child or other things in front of me, if I'm not careful. This type of lower back pain is very easy to fix when we remove the causes. I'm sure many of you reading this do exactly the same because it requires less muscular effort, in short is easier! Just as slouching in a chair may be easier for some, but both will result in the back. Slouching as you know is putting the spine in the over-bent (or curved) position that your muscles are completely out of the picture and leaves you resting on your ligaments and strain discs.

If you read my other articles about lower back pain and sciatica you will also know that this, and picking things up and bending forward with a rounded lower back instead of bending at the hips (keeping your lower back to inward curve at all times) will put you right on track to herniating lower back disk or disks. However, if you keep your inner harbor on bending forward when you have to pick something up (using a lunge, squat or golfers pick-up technique) and a certain amount of abdominal strengthening to ensure your spine (more on that in a later paper) it is almost impossible to hurt your discs or ligaments!

But, when you carry something in front of you as a baby you're leaning backwards opposite to the strain off your arm muscles. This then puts pressure on your lower back by compressing the facet joints and soft tissues. So there are two very simple ways to remedy this. First, stand erect, which will immediately take the strain of the lower back. In doing so, you will need to use your abdominal muscles to keep you upright and standing tall, which is exactly what we should be doing. Now you are finally using those core muscles for what they intended to make functional. And herein lies one of the great secrets of why people go to pilates, yoga and do abdominal strengthening exercises, but still have lower back pain.

That's not good to spend an hour each day to strengthen core muscles, if not then use them functional during the day to day activities. When you carry things in front of you, using your abdominal muscles instead of leaning back and resting on your wrists to keep you from falling forward. Also, if you wear something on your side like a baby on your hip, for example, do not tilt your body to the opposite side to counterbalance the weight to use your core muscles to keep upright. For all those mothers (and fathers) out there who are carrying around the baby and want to go to the gym, but I can not, just remember that every time you use your core muscles like this are burning extra calories and getting free training! And people, next time you carry that box of beer, or tools, or foods do not forget to stand upright, engage your abdominal muscles, not only will you be saving your back, but you'll also be working on that six pack and toning those biceps !

Ah yes, I can hear the excuses now ... 'Honey, I'm down in the liquor store to buy a case of beer, because we need to burn off some calories and work on my abs and my biceps. "No need to thank me guys, glad to help.

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