The Right Upper Ab Workout For You

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A lot of people do not get the desired six pack or flat stomach they want, because those difficulties in finding the right upper ab workout for them. With all the possible exercises out there, it's really hard to try all of them looking for the right exercise. How to reduce your burden, here are some of the best routines for the upper abdominal muscles. Try them and see which works best for you.

is the first "captain's chair", which is usually performed in the gym equip the same name. However, you can do at home, using either a sturdy chair. It is specifically designed to target the upper middle, but it also develops the lower abdominal muscles and obliques at the same time. To do this, simply get a strong chair who will move from its place. Sit upright with your spine straight to the back of the chair and feet on the floor. Keep the chair. This is a place to rest. From this position, lift your knees in towards your chest while you breathe out slowly. Keep it for two seconds, then lower your legs as you inhale. Do not bend your back while lifting your knees.

Another good upper ab crunch exercise bike. resting position for this exercise is lying on the floor on his back. Hands must be behind your head with elbows pointing to the side. Start crunching your upper abs by pulling your right knee toward your left elbow, with their tips touching. Then repeat with the left knee and right elbow. In this process, your torso will be twisted to one side. Do not forget, you must tighten the abdominal muscles while doing it. Also, do not use your neck to lift the upper body.

hip lift is also the upper ab workout you need to test. In this exercise, you have to literally lift your hips off the floor using the ab muscles. To start, simply lie on the floor on his back. Spread your hands upright on the side, palms down facing. Then lift your legs perpendicular to floor with your toes toward the ceiling. From this position, try to lift your hips with abs. Your hands should just hold steady. Do not use them to push your hips up, because that would be a useless exercise. Lower your hips and slowly raise it again.

Finally, it refused to try to twist your torso. starting position for this exercise was sitting on the floor with knees bent and hip-width apart. Your feet should be flat on the floor, and arms are extended in front and closed. Lean back about 45 degrees with your midsection muscles tighten. With your torso rejected, try to twist it into the right hands moving along. Then swing the other way. Remember, your torso should do the twist, not your hands, not the hip flexors.

Try this exercise and find one that you are comfortable doing with your upper abs tightened and you will get a superb upper ab workout.

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