Abs Training 101 - The Best Exercises for a Great Set of Abs

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for the effective abs workout, you have the best training in hand to ensure flat, lean and sexy abs

Many people waste their time with the wrong abs exercises that are not that effective. If you're one of them or just do not know what to do more, have a look at these 5 abs exercise, all of them will ensure that your tummy gets thinner and tighter.

weight training

Weight training is one of the best exercises to burn fat. It is so good because it boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories and fat at rest. Full-body weight training will help your body to get lean and toned, and will also increase your muscle mass.

For best results, you should try to fit in at least 3 weight training sessions per week. And remember that you should focus on the upper and lower body exercises.

cardio interval training

number one cardio fat burn cardio interval training. All you need is 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week and you will start burning fat away and it will only be a matter of time before your abs begin to show.

pilates and yoga

Pilates is great for firming and defining the core (lower back muscles, abdominal muscles and hip flexors), and it will give you a tight and toned tummy.

yoga, on the other hand helps to relieve stresa.Va┼żnost yoga is that stress can be caused by excess fat on your stomach, and yoga helps to prevent it.

kickboxing and other aerobic

kick-box aerobics are also excellent for toning the core and blast away calories. Any other aerobics are excellent for burning away calories and fat.

abs-specific exercises

and mention the abs-specific exercises at the end, because while it may be important for getting a toned and tight tummy, it's not the most important exercises for abs flat abs there.

However, you should include abs-specific exercises along with cardio and / or weight training for rezultate.Najbolji best abs exercises to do are: move your bike, board and crunches


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