Guys, Do You Have a Girlfriend With a Fat Belly - Help Her Lose it and Score Big Points!

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have the greatest girl. She is cute, funny, smart, sexy and cool to hang with. If she did not have that little roll belly fat is easy to be perfect. You know she cares about it, every woman has. How great you look in your eyes, if you find a way to help her to lose?

Come Mr. Sensitive, you know that you score big if they could help her find a way to get rid of these little rolls of belly fat. Not only that, she gets rid of fat, it will have much more confidence in your body and do not be surprised if her wardrobe is extended to include the really tight jeans and party dresses to show off that new flat belly look.

So you're faced with two challenges.

First, how did you bring it up without ticking off or making her feel bad? I have a great idea for one which I will share in a minute. Then you really think about how to lose belly fat. What works and what ne.Posljednja thing you want to do is to start this little game and it blow up in your face, because it does not work.

OK to train him? So make your stomach. See any fat in there? If you are then you have the perfect lead in. Now you're the one who takes care of your belly fat and you need her help in getting rid of it. Would it become a support group.

to bring it up casually, but with obvious care (you can fake that right), about how they look and how you feel. Make sure you add "how you feel" something like that would resonate with her. Having this plan in mind, but you know your weaknesses and know what you need to "friend" help you to download.

This leads to grocery shopping together, more meals together, exercise together, and everything else. Make it a contest where you'll both win. Set goals, not a time table, but goals like losing a half inches, a full inch, etc. When you hit a goal, celebrate, but I understand that can not be celebrated, unless both hit the target. This puts pressure on both of you.

OK, so what if you have six pack abs, and this strategy will not fly. And then come up with a client or friend of a friend or whatever he did with great success. That's not true, but what the heck. Then ask her what she thinks about support groups and work your way around volunteering to be her.

Now that you have the commitment you have to find a plan that burns fat and gets results. There are so many diets, pills and machines that flood our airways and on the Internet, and the question is what works.

Well, a quick response is losing belly fat and keeping it off is not about fad diets, pills or "thigh buster" machines. It is especially not about crunches and situps, or any other exercises that specifically target the abdominal muscles.

is a proper diet and whole-body workout. You learn what to eat and that can be hard on your vlastitu.Trgovine is packed with "health food" that is loaded with sugar and salt. Our regular diet is loaded with saturated fat. Knowing what the most efficient fuel for our body is the biggest part of losing fat and belly fat specifically.

Here is a basic rule of fat burning. Muscles burn fat. Exercise does more muscle tissue. Muscles burn fat. Do you see where I'm going here? The most efficient way to burn fat to use as many major muscle groups as possible when you do. Now it can be a real heart pumper like hiking squats, or simply balance exercises. The level of intensity depending on your current situation and that of his girlfriend.

you can have fun with this. Do more exercise date date. Speaking of hiking, have you ever gone to the wall. Many mega sports stores have walls of rock climbing and it was an explosion. If you are lucky enough to live where it is warm, to give two-man kayak shot. You get the idea.

Of course, for this work you get really like this gal because so much effort from you as it does from her. But there are those on the exercise dates of their place just to make it all worth it.

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