Building and Keeping Your Six Pack Abs

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Six Pack Abs are a sign of extreme fitness and commitment. Women also seem to think they look great on men as well. Although some people can have six pack abs with minimal or no effort, for normal people like us, they require some work and dedication. And not only getting six pack abs, but keeping them requires a lot of determination and know.

First of all, you need to build your ab muscles. This part is not that difficult, as the ABS can not build something fast compared to other mišiće.Loše part is that it will fade away quickly if they do not work regularly. There are several exercises that work well (although it does not sit ups), and I prefer crunches, because they are easy to do, and it can be done anywhere, for example, even in an office and hotel rooms. I 3 sets of 30, and press firmly on repeating, about every 2 days. Also great powers such as exercise squats and deadlifts and ABS work very effectively.

In addition to building abs, you need to see them. It means losing fat. You need to diet because there is no such thing as "spot reduction". You can not lose fat over the abs, you need to lose overall body fat, as dobro.Kombinacija aerobic exercise and diet is needed for it. Now I can not tell you what type of diet will work for you as we are all different, but the Atkins and low fat diets work well for me.

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