10 Minute Solution - Pilates

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I tried Lara Hudson's 10 Minute Solution Pilates because of the need for more variety in my training sessions. This DVD set is five, ten minute training sessions that were perfect for me because I was pressed for time with your busy schedule, so roughly ten minutes at a time is all I can spare. You can also do workouts together for a total of 50 minutes or put them together in a way that best suits your needs.

The first part of the video targets abs and I found it great for stretching and strengthening my abs. The second part focuses on the butts and thighs and the instructor uses a series of dynamic moves to reshape the lower body. The third section focuses on the arms and shoulders. the next ten minutes of the whole-body workout that consists of a number of toning and cardio exercises. The last ten minutes of the section dealing with increased flexibility, although the body.

I started off doing just ten minutes at a time, then gradually moved up to 50 minutes when I found time for it, but I still go back to doing ten twenty minutes at a time when I need. I like the fact that Lara moves from one exercise to the next without all the fluff found in some exercise videos, which is exactly what I need when I'm crunched for time. I find, however, when trying to perfect a certain technique and you're in a hurry, it really does not benefit you if you are doing exercises improperly. That is why I recommend watching workout before hand and practice moves to May, so you need when you actually do the workouts you will not slow down, not knowing how to make a move.

• The perfect workout for those with tight schedule
• Cheap

I do not like
• When I started this training, I had been exercising for a while so I believe this is more suitable for beginners who need a challenge.

This DVD is so perfect for me, Lara Hudson explains the move so you can get the most out of this work session. I like the fact that the exercises are simple and easy to do, but I definitely noticed a positive result for which it is used. When I went to Amazon.com (which can be purchased from the ($ 9.98) and read the reviews that I found mostly positive.

I would recommend this DVD to those who are beginners and will be a challenge, but for those who exercised, while it might get boring quickly.

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