How to Get a Flat Tummy Without Trying - The 10 Minute a Day Plan

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Can you really get a flat tummy without intent? amazing truth is, you can actually get a flatter tummy faster if you do not try too hard.

Most people think that the only way you can get a flat tummy is doing sit-ups, more and more and more sit-ups. This exercise really helps firm abs, but if all you do is sit-ups, no one will ever know you have great abs.

This is because your abs will remain covered with fat. What we really need to do is get rid of that layer of fat diet, but even before that, you are strongly muscles that support your abs to get a flat tummy, or at least flatter tummy, without vigorous exercise. Here's what to do.

1 Every day, all day, sitting upright.

Sit in a straight-backed chair, and keep your back straight towards the back of the chair. You May still have a little belly, but you will distribute the fat in a way so that the least noticeable. Make a point to check your posture whenever you sit down. It was only last a few seconds several times a day, but it can go along way towards achieving the flat tummy.

2 Take a deep breath, then exhale longer than inhale in

You've probably noticed that there is no way you can take a deep breath without exercising your abdominal muscles. When you breathe in fully and then exhale completely, you have to do something else. Long exhalations slow pulse and help your body clear out cortisol. less cortisol you have in circulation, less the excess calories are deposited as fat abdomen. Spend two to three minutes in the morning and two or three minutes in the afternoon just practicing deep breaths followed by a full exhalations through the mouth.

3 After a shower, splash with cold water.

is sprayed with cold water causes a reflex diving. Your body slows down your heart, puts the brakes on the effects of stress hormones, causing it to breathe deeply and slowly. This reduces tension in the stomach and helps flatten the stomach.

4 Sleeping on your back with legs extended forward as they can go comfortable. Rolling up into a ball when you sleep at night holding your belly "scrunched" in sticking configuration. And, finally,

5 Be sure to get six hours of sleep each night, eight. Start at least six hours of sleep every night reduces the appetite by giving your body a chance to break ghrelin, a hormone starvation.

In pre-modern era, ghrelin has played an important role in human survival, ensuring an adequate intake of calories. Bloodstream concentrations of ghrelin go up and down before a meal after meal. Ghrelin does not actually physically painful to eat, increasing the sensitivity of the "pain protein" neuropeptide Y.

Getting rid of ghrelin is an important function of a full nights sleep. Simply getting six hours of uninterrupted sleep each night goes a long way toward getting a flat tummy.

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