Great Ab Workout Without Crunches Or Situps

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If you're accustomed to regular ab workout that includes sit-ups, crunches and leg lifts, then this program will seem very unconventional. This exercise is high intensity workout that will boost your metabolism and give you a great ab workout.

Try this training does not include your typical ab exercises, but was done in three-set round-style fashion.
You will use these 3 exercises for the program.

1 Push-up style dumbbell rows
2nd Barbell or dumbbell front squat
3rd Mountaineers (used to make these a lot in football training)

how it works, you'll do each exercise without rest in between until you finish all 3 exercises, which is considered one set. Rest about 1-2 minutes between each tri-set, and then repeat. Do this for 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions, with the Mountaineers can count on both feet used as a representative or do the number of about 20-30seconds. The choice is yours

Description of the exercise of this tri-set.

Push up style dumbbell rows-start with your hands on a pair of dumbbells, while the push-up position, then bring the dumbbell in a rowing motion, to bring back down the row with the opposite hand.This will really work your core and abs by bringing your stabilizer muscles into play.

barbell or dumbbell front squats performed by placing the barbell on his shoulders with his hands crossed on the stabilizing bar, or you can keep a couple of dumbbells at shoulder height in front of you. Then from there will go down as to go sit in a chair while your legs are parallel to the floor, and then press yourself back up. Keep your abs tight throughout the movement.

Mountaineers will begin again in a push-up position, then you bring one leg forward until knee is below the chest, then return to starting position and repeat with other leg. It basically involves your whole body to perform this exercise, which is good for burning fat.

Use this program and you'll go WOW this really works.

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Wizi Ken said...

These are ab workouts for women that will actually help to get the flat abs. these exercises are very helpful for your toned abs. Ask your trainer to help you in the initial period so that you can have balance in your body and continue to repeat the exercises to get fast result.

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