Build Muscle - No Weights Required

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Achieving a good body without using weights or expensive equipment is a simple matter of duplicating the same resistance to your muscle groups working on.

isometric exercise type can produce great results if you put together a good routine and stick to it. Before you begin, do not forget to do some warmups and stretch those stiff muscles.

No weight lifting equipment needed to build muscle:

* jamb Press: Find the open door and stand directly oriented toward jamb where the door locks. Now place a hand on both sides of the door and put your feet in a comfortable position. With their hands in something L form, simply press the left and right hands together (wall between the R and L hands) as hard as you can and hold it. Rest a bit and do another set.

* Table Presses: Find a counter or table top that will allow you once again, that your hands are at chest level (You can sit for it to achieve the appropriate level). You can do it with your hands in the shape of L or straight ahead. Now simply place the palms on surface and press down as hard as you can, as long as you can. Rest and repeat

* Prayer of hand: while standing or sitting upright, place the two palms together in prayer mode. Press together as hard as you can as long as you can. Again, very effective in L shape, or straight.

* Pushups: Still a great workout with no equipment required. If you have trouble doing conventional pushup (body horizontal and the knee and abdomen off the floor) can be found on the surface that allows them at an angle, such as a sofa, or counter top. Just do them as a normal pushup, but at an angle.

biceps and triceps:

* Curles: You can perform this exercise in the same way as a conventional rotor with weights, you just use the pressure of its own power. With upper arms and elbows firmly on their side, simply place one hand on top of the other and press down as you bring the other hand curling in slow mode. the same way you would if you were using weights.

* tricep presses: This is simply an effective one that is also good for latoids. All you need is a good solid wall and put your body so thatwith one hand and hips toward the wall . Set up by the legs and hips are about 10 cm from the wall. Now stand up straight and your fist down your hip and a little further than your hip, push the fist against the surface and feel the triceps and latisumis dorsi muscle stretch. I repeat for the other side and do not ask many.


* Crunches: Another dreaded effective exercises. When done right, you can get great abs. Lay down and bend knees with heel of feet about 12 in. from the butt to get a full ab workout you want to do hair and muscles (for the abdomen). Now, with hands clasped behind head, bring yourself straight up slowly and hold about 6 in. off the ground for about 5 seconds. To do obliques, when you lift, twist your torso slightly to the left and right. Do as many repetitions as you can.

ab * Lifts: These are very effective, but easier and ab exercises. Lay flat on the ground with hands at your side. With legs straight and together, slowly raise your legs up. You can pick up and hold in place the tension, and slowly raise your legs up and down and move your legs in a circular manner.

If you can do you for an hour or so four to five days a week, you will not need any weights or equipment. The key is to them on a consistent basis. It is the only way you will achieve the results you are looking for.

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