Precision Abdominal Training Tips

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Every day we are bombarded with ads about abdominal training equipment. It can be from television, newspapers or radio. results show that there are machines that do not do what it claims. Some may actually increase the chance of injury.

We are told not to sit ups and crunch exercises with your knees bent to reduce the load on the lower back. Anyone who has a back injury on the lower back should not do bent knee sit ups. This exercise really targets in front of the abdominal wall. However, repetitive exercise can cause a high risk of spinal disc injuries due to gravity of the body is done.

feet to pick up another way. The main muscle used in this exercise, the psoas, this is the motion of the hips, not abdomen. When this exercise is done, what happens is that it tightens the psoas and the weak lower abdominal wall.

there is a better alternative to building and strengthening the core stability of the spine without equipment, just body and floor. Try this exercise:

exercise tend to bridge - in a sitting position with legs straight, to represent his face down to your toes and forearms and abdominals drawn in support of the cervical spine to stay in that situation while you can .. is not it. Keep Gluteus muscles working and your legs straight while doing exercises.

exercise of the bridge - lies on her side, propped on his feet and elbow. Hold the ridged body space with appropriate head position. Support abdominals and be sure to keep spinal alignment. Raise your torso off the floor, hold and repeat the process.

exercise the abdominal brace - this process begins with training crunch Be sure that the muscle of the abdominal wall is an isolated place your finger on the belly button and feel the contraction <. / .. P>

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