In Depth Look at the Spartan 300 Workout

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300 film was a box office hit, grossing over 300 million U.S. dollars. But it's not just a movie that is getting all the attention, it was almost as much talk about the actors' incredibly sculpted physiques as is the film story, acting, special effects, or anything else. Women just wanted to stare and dream and guys wanted to know what you have done that in such great shape.

It is said that the guys whipped themselves into shape doing a training regimen that included 50 reps each of six different exercises with no break between sets, for a total of 300 reps. This grueling training routine came to be known as the Spartan 300 Workout. But is this really the routine the guys followed in order to prepare for their roles? Yes and no.

It took some digging to get to the bottom of what really went on, but what I discovered is that the 300 rep workout was only a small part of their training regimen. I can tell you thought that the guys did not spend at least six hours each day in the gym.

First, you want to understand that the guys in the film were all in very good shape before they auditioned for the role, casting directors are not in the habit of picking dumpy out-of-shape guys for roles like because they see their "potential ."

actors' training routine lasted about four months, and was developed by renowned trainer Mark Twight. Since he wanted the guys actually look and act like a real Spartan warriors, he incorporated techniques that will highlight the quality of a fighter, not just building muscle. He did not want the actors look like pumped up bodybuilders.

actors trained in competitive group sessions that include a system of penalties and rewards. Physical training is focused on the development of athletic, using a variety of ever changing routines combining compound movements, lifting and throwing and relied on non-traditional equipment like medicine balls and kettlebells instead of machines or even free weights. same session was rarely repeated.

point of the regime was to improve all around fitness using a wide range of movement that has developed ranges of motion required in a real fight. This was accomplished by submitting the body is constantly changing and increasingly difficult physical challenges. Preparing for the role also includes eight weeks of daily combat training.

there are no surprises here-their diet was very strict and focused on the fuel the body cast with a lot of lean protein, carbohydrates and limited only healthy, unsaturated fats. Anyone who has fallen on the "diet wagon" he warned his fellow-actors en masse, which is part of a plan to Twight guys train together as a cohesive group.

Now, back to the Spartan 300 Workout. What I discovered is that this legendary routine is done daily, weekly or even monthly. Instead, it presented a challenge at the end of four months training regimen. From what I understand, only about one-half of the actors actually was successful.

Here are the components of the Spartan 300 Workout Challenge followed by explanations of how they worked under the wipers and the clean and press:

1 Pull-ups: 25 reps;
2nd Lift with 135 pounds: 50 reps;
3rd Pushups: 50 reps
4th 24-inch box jumps: 50 repetitions;
5th Floor wipers: 50 reps;
6th Single-arm clean and press with 36 pounds kettlebell: 50 reps;
7th Pull-ups: 25 reps;

Floor wipers: This exercise builds core strength and works the abs. Load a barbell with 135 pounds and lying on the floor. Press the barbell up, extending your arms all the way and kept in this position. Keeping your legs straight, feet touch the right side of the bar and then on the left side to complete one repetition.

Single-arm clean and press: If you are not familiar with them, kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle. If you do not happen to have one hanging around, you can also use 35-pound dumbbell. With your feet shoulder-width apart, place the kettlebell on the floor and grab the handle. Bring the weight in front of the shoulder, elbow bent and pointed down. Press the kettlebell up towards the ceiling. Without a pause, it would immediately back down to the shoulders, then lower back to starting position, with a weight to sub-repetitions (49 times more ).

If you are looking for an answer to the "300" look, you can take the basic elements of what these guys are and come up with their own routines and get the same basic results. Mix up your training and incorporate bodybuilding exercises, combat exercises, dumbbells, and even kettlebells. Be sure to add plenty of exercise to build and strengthen your core. Set a goal for yourself to make your own version of the 300 reps workout, reducing the number of repetitions or replacing some of the exercises. Do something that is challenging, but not so hard that you end up in hospital. But do not set a goal. It gives you something to strive for and helps keep you on track.

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