Exercises For Obliques and Love Handles

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Two of my favorite obliques exerciser to build and melt away love handles are crossing the clean and press, and Figure 8 Never heard of them. Then you've probably never heard of any kettlebell. This is a piece of equipment I use to do this exercise.

First of all, the kettlebell is a cannonball with a handle shaped device. Men usually use a 35 pounder, while women use the 25 pounder, or even less. Because of its unique design allows a lot more exercise variations of barbell or dumbbell. There are literally hundreds of different exercises you can do with CAD, and most of them are core abs and back muscles, as well as all your other muscles.

go over the clean and press can also be done with dumbbells. To do this exercise stand up with your legs slightly parted. Now, squat down and reach over with your right hand and pick up the KB, which sits right outside of your left foot and raise the KB overhead.

To do the figure 8 stand up with legs slightly separated and KB between the legs. Now squat down, pick up the KB and to go through your legs on the other side. Once you have it in the other side to stand up and make a short KB to your chest. Now squat down again and take off the KB on the other hand.

These exercises May sound simple, but they are, but they are very effective.

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