7 Reasons To Add Stability Ball Training To Your Home Gym

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If you have not bought a stability ball for your home gym is needed. Adding a stability ball training into your exercise routine is an excellent choice.

Each of physiotherapists for exercise coaches to talk about them. Stability balls are not a fad that will disappear like so many other exercise gadgets out there. They are here to stay and for good reason.

What is the Stability Ball?

stability ball is an inflatable rubber ball made ​​of soft flexible PVC. They are inflated with air to a diameter of about 14 to 36 inches. looks a little more like a beach ball. Size is about the only difference between them.

I happen to use the term "stability-ball" when it comes to the ball, but there are many other names it goes by:

ABS-balls, balance-ball, body-ball-exercise ball, fitness ball, gym-ball, physioball, pilates-ball, ball-Pezzi, Pezzi Gymnastikball, sports ball, Swiss-ball, Therapy-ball, training ball, or yoga-ball

should not confuse stability ball with a medicine ball. medicine is closer to the size of a basketball and weighs more than the stability-ball.

A Brief History of the Stability Ball

- Designed in Italy in 1960 with the Cosani Aquilino, plastics engineer?. The ball was called Gymnastik and originally marketed as a toy for children.

- European physiotherapists repurposed from a toy ball for therapy tool to help in the rehabilitation of


- American physical therapist discovered the advantages of the ball, while visiting the physical therapy clinics in Switzerland. They brought their new found knowledge home and called the ball "Swiss ball ".

-? In 1990, the American fitness industry have heard of physical therapy benefit from the stability-ball and ball repurposed to be used in all kinds of fitness and strength training routines


- Today, everyone and his brother-selling stability balls, books and training DVDs

<] P] Get the correct size

the correct size ball determines its height.

Here's size guide will help you understand what the ball will work best for you.

4'8 "and under: 45 inch

4'8 "to 5'3": 55 inch

5'3 "to 6'0": 65 inch

6'0 "and taller: 75 inch

If you have family members at different levels who want to do stability ball workouts, then you May have to buy more than one ball. ball that is too small or too big exercise makes awkward and sometimes dangerous.

7 Reasons Add the Stability Ball Training in Your Home Gym

1 Improves core strength: a hot topic these days is a core strength. Nothing improves core strength faster or better than the stability ball.

2 Improves balance: Each exercise is performed to balance the ball requires the use of more muscles to maintain balance. This is especially good as we age because we tend to lose balance skills over the years.

3 Improves Coordination: It takes more coordination to do dumbbell presses on a stability ball rather than on a flat bench


4 Exercise improves comfort: Fitness balls are more comfortable than exercising on level ground


5 Enhances your exercise: Stability balls produce instability that doubles the benefits of their work because of all the balancing muscles that are activated by


6 Improves exercise fun: The bounciness makes exercising more fun


7 Exercise bench replacement: stability-ball works very well as a replacement for an inexpensive flat bench



whether your fitness goals are modest, to be a little stronger and toned up, or if your goal is to muscle mass, adding a stability ball training to your home gym workout routine is a smart choice.

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