3 Lower Ab Exercises

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People often mistake the standard crunch as a great way to work out lower abs. lowly crunch was never intended as an all around lower abdominal exercises. If you are looking for a great lower ab exercises, I put together my three favorite ones for you. These exercises do not need any equipment, but using the machine will allow you to achieve your goals faster.

    crunch of the bridge is a very effective lower ab exercises. Begin by laying flat on the floor or mat. Put your hands behind your ears and relax your abdominal muscles. With your feet flat on the floor, push your torso into the air ensuring that you use your abs to do the work. Simple, effective and easy to do anywhere. twist crunch is a simple way to work your lower abs. Go into the crunch position, but instead of crunching the traditional way, twist your abs from side to side. Doing the twist crunch sets in combination with the crunch of the bridge will help enhance your overall workout. For this exercise you need, or exercise ball or the edge of the bed, if you're at home. Lie flat on the ball with his hands crossed on your torso and perform crunch. By moving the focus down your lower abs have to do more work and you get a better ab workout.

These exercises are great and only work your abdominal muscles. If you work hard you will see results!

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